Rip-It Defensive Pro Mask with Blackout – Adult

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It s eye-black for your equipment: Players have been wearing eye-black since baseball great Babe Ruth first smeared grease under his eyes. Since then, players from baseball to football have looked for an edge when fighting glare. Blackout Technology finally makes playing glare free a reality.  Special Matte Coated Bars: Blackout Technology works the minute you put on the new RIP-IT Defense.  And it eliminates 100% of glare that can reflect into your eyes. Comfort: Fits the way you want it to. Because a good fit isnt good enough, the Defense lets you create the perfect fit. If you wear a ponytail while playing you know the issues it can cause. Do you put the strap on the right, the left, or above? Whatever you do it just doesn t fit right. That is until now. The Defense solves this problem with its ponytail strap. The ponytail strap allows you to pull your ponytail through the opening so everything fits perfect.  Steel Safety Cell: Lightest, strongest, most impact resistant yet. Thanks to the steel safety cell design, every time you hit the field you have the confidence you want and the performance you need. Impacts from the ball hitting the Defense are repelled and the force is absorbed and transferred away from the point of impact. This is because the steel safety cell was modeled after the protective steel frame of the car you drive.Transfer and reduce: One of the best features of the Defense is its ability to transfer the force of an impact and reduce the likelihood of injury. When a ball strikes the Defense the energy and force of the impact is instantly spread over the surface area of the padding. With nearly two feet of padded surface area, the Defense is able to absorb more impact, transfer more energy, and reduce impact related injury.Stiff, yet flexible: The steel safety cell is designed to be either stiff or flexible depending on the force of impact. This feature allows the Defense to stay rigid for a majority of the impacts a player may receive while playing. However, in that rare instance when the ball is traveling at an excessive speed, the steel safety cell will flex to help in transferring energy away from the point of contact. This same concept is known in the car industry as a crumple zone, and is one of the best ways to protect in extreme circumstances. RIP-IT is built around the simple idea that you should love your equipment. This core belief is why RIP-IT provides every player thirty days to make sure RIP-IT is perfect for them. Trying new equipment should be simple, fun, and risk free. We know you will agree and that you too will love RIP-IT.


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